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about TONY&CAM

We are Anthony DeAngelo and Cameron Cruise a.k.a. Tony&Cam. We are the ONLY gay porn star couple in the industry who have managed, directed, produced and appeared in a significant number of bareback and condom features.

Between 1999 and 2001, we starred in over twenty "condom" features working for some of the top producers and directors in the adult entertainment business. We shattered industry standards by ALWAYS working together as a couple in ALL of these twenty plus scenes for other producers.

We were also the first couple of "significant age" to work in an unprecedented number of films together setting a new level of acceptance for "older" models and opening the door up for other "real" men in a youth dominated gay industry.

In 2001, we began our production company, ZyloCo, Inc., a bareback video production house. The word ZYLOCO is derived from the Greek word for wood, XYLOS, in combination with "company." The success of our business was due to the high-end, premium quality videos we produced in combination with the increasing demand for bareback content in the market. That success enabled us to move our headquarters and home from Beverly Hills to the Central Coast of California where we now enjoy the natural beauty of the Pacific Coast countryside. And, we are now geographically equidistant to both major metropolitan areas of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The gay adult industry placed many obstacles in our path because we produce bareback videos which are considered by many to be highly controversial. In spite of these hurdles, we have done well with our premium quality line and have moved into the internet arena for an expanded market presence with the launch of barebackMasters.com on January 1 of 2006. We have also made our content available for worldwide distribution through special licensing agreements. Our content is available on DVD and through a number of feeds, pay-per-view, VOD, cable and streaming sources making ZyloCo, Inc. / Tony&Cam bareback videos ubiquitous in the adult marketplace.


Our videos contain sexually explicit acts among gay men who do not wear condoms. Sex without condoms is called "barebacking." Bareback sex and other"risky" behavior is a personal decision that can only be made by consenting adults. All of the performers in our movies and photos are aware of one anothers' HIV status. Engaging in the same behavior without that knowledge is likely to lead to HIV infection. We strongly encourage everyone to look at all available ways of HIV prevention including Serosorting in order to judge what will best help you play safe and stay safe. Please act responsibly with your health and the health of others.

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