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Released by: ZyloCo, Inc.; a Tony&Cam RAW film; Directed by: Anthony DeAngelo & Cameron Cruise
99 minutes 35 seconds 4 scenes; plus trailers

Starring: Cameron Cruise, Jason Davis, Jeff Campbell, Marky Bruno, Randy Ramer, Christian Luke, & Ben Archer

Scene 1 - IN THE BRIG
Cruise, Jeff Campbell and Marky Bruno - running time 27:54

As Corporal Cruise throws his prisoner into the lock-up and goes about his Sex Patrol business, New Cummer, Marky Bruno protests until his cell mate, Jeff Campbell, goes down on Mark's re"MARK"able cock! - Marky has a beautiful cock. Big, thick, curved in all the right places and powerful enough to shoot his ball juices across the set! Jeff is up for the task of swallowing the big, beautiful cock and does it with no problem at both ends. Jeff is on that cock the second he sees the bulge in Marky's pants. And, he's not off it until Marky delivers his load. These guys are electric together.

Cameron Cruise and Rany Ramer - running time 19:39

More hot action at Tony's Fuck club - "Tony" sends Cam down to one of the play rooms to "clean-up" as Randy Ramer shows up at the club in search of a place to loose his load. "Tony" sends Randy down to the cell Cameron Cruise is working in, The, I watch the two of them go at it on my spy cam (one of the best voyeuristic spy cams around (Cam on Cam). At any rate, Cam is ready for action and quickly gets to the "meat" of the situation gorging on Randy's monster meat and taking it up his ass as Daddy D (me) encourage him off camera by yelling "take it up the ass Cam - go on, take it up the ass!"

Ben Archer and Christian Luke - running time 24:50

The action starts with Daddy D greeting new guest, Ben Archer, upon his arrival to the club by handing over the key to cell #6 where hairy and buffed, muscle stud Christian Luke awaits a cell mate by playing with his uncut meat. Ben approaches the cell and the action ensues - heavy cock sucking and then dildo action as Ben opens up Christian's hole and readies it for some of Bens tool.... fucking in every position until the man cream flows.. Christian rubs his ooze into this sexy hairy chest.

CAMERON CRUISE and Jason Davis - running time 26:12

I caught the eye of a leather dude on a Harley one day. He followed me home where he crept in the back door. Once he found out what I'm into, he wanted to film so I put a hood over his head to shame him and forced him on to his knees to worship my cock and balls. Then I flipped him over the edge of my bed and ate out his hole. It tasted so good as I got him ready for my dick. I slid my cock in balls deep and began to slowly and rhythmically pump his ass, all the while holding on to his harness as he begged for more. Then I shoved a dildo up his ass and made him cum. I pulled out daddy's helper and shoved in my cock just as I was shooting and amazing stream of spooge. A fast and furious fuck for sure. He'll be back for more. T

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