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Cameron Cruise
& Eric York

This a dynamic bareback episode featuring Eric York in his barebacking debut - Eric is teamed up with Cam who, as we know, ALWAYS enjoys a good fuck. This scene is full of hot bareback piston fucking. Eric pounds Cam's ass unmercifully using his motorcycle as a pummel horse.

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Joe Romero
& Scott Mann

This scene features the hot coupling of Scott Mann and Joe Romero who enjoy each other's company while hanging in the waiting room of "Cam's Full Service Garage". These guys are seasoned performers and both first time "on camera" barebackers. They fuck like men in heat...

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Christian Luke, Cameron Cruise, Doc Holliday,
Greg Russell
& Zachary Blackwell

Doc Holliday and Christian Luke start off the action in the garage while working on a truck. The boss, Cameron Cruise shows up and jumps into the action. There is plenty of hot hole for Doc to plug. Both Cameron and Christian get it doggie style in the back of the pick-up... Meanwhile, Zachary Blackwell, another mechanic, is spying on the grease monkeys through the glory hole in the wall of the head, He whips out his massive pierced cock and starts jerkin' as Greg Russell walks in... Greg can't resist Zach's cock and goes down on him. All of a sudden, there's plenty of cum. Greg looses his load as he sucks down all of Zach's man cream... Meanwhile, back at the truck, Doc Holliday manages to cum 3 times, and, Cam shoots his trademark big, thick man cream load all over the garage. Then Christian pops and everybody's a happy monkey.

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